Have you ever heard the expression it takes a village to raise a child? I mean how would any of us survive motherhood without an extra set of hands or even a village? Let’s face it, while we may not have an entire village to help us raise our children, we do have the support of some amazing mom bloggers. But with so many, mom blogger’s out there, it can be difficult to know who to follow. That’s where our selection of best mom blogs comes in. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get this show on the road!

Mrs. Kathy King

Mrs. Kathy King logo
Photo: Mrs. Kathy King

About: Beyond running a family lifestyle brand Kathy and her husband Matt have worked from home for over 10 years in marketing, are recipients of the prestigious Davey Award and Katherine won numerous sales awards. When Kathy and Matt are not creating their next masterpiece :), they enjoy spending time with their three kids, Houston, JJ King, and Joy. 


The Cutting Cafe

The Cutting Cafe logo
Photo: The Cutting Cafe

About: For as long as Regina Easter can remember she has loved all kinds of crafts. Regina is a stay at home mom to 4 great kids – 3 boys and 1 girl. She also has a very supportive husband.  Her blog the Cutting Cafe features fun printable stamp ideas, cutting files and more. 

Website: https://www.thecuttingcafeshop.com/

Read Write Mom!

Read Write Mom! logo
Photo: Read Write Mom!

About: Mandy started her blog in October 2007 as a creative outlet while being a stay at home mom. She had no idea what she was doing but quickly learned that blogging is a great way to connect with like-minded others, and offers her an opportunity to write (which she loves doing), and also serves as an online diary of sorts about her life, memories, and experiences.



Shop With Me Mama

Shop With Me Mama logo
Photo: Shop With Me Mama

About: Kim is 44 years old and a stay at home mommy to three beautiful kids, Zaden who is 13, Presley who is 11, and Kellan who is 6. She enjoys baking, cooking, doing crafts, decorating her home and just having fun with her family! They love taking road trips and visiting places like Yellowstone National Park, Disneyland, the beach and other fun places.

Website: https://shopwithmemama.com/

Ginger Snap Crafts

Ginger Snap Crafts logo
Photo: Ginger Snap Crafts

About: It all began in 2011 when Ginger decided to start Ginger Snap Crafts on a whim. She never dreamed of what was to come! Ginger enjoys sharing her DIY projects, easy craft projects, kid activities, home improvements, recipes & more over the last 5+ years. She is a mom to 5 amazing kiddos and married to her amazing DIY partner in crime, husband of 20+ years. 

Website: http://www.gingersnapcrafts.com/p/ginger-snap-crafts.html

She Gets It From Her Mama

She Gets It From Her Mama logo
Photo: She Gets It From Her Mama

About: Sandra’s solitary goal in life was to stay home and take care of her husband, children, and home, just like her mom did. Her husband, whom she refers to as Jerry T, is Sandra’s partner in life and they have been married for 41 years.  They have three children, Melinda – her partner in beauty, Jonathan – her partner in technology, and Abby – her partner in home decor. She also has two granddaughters, Lani Shay, and Baylor Jo and one grandson, Tate Jonathan.  

Website: https://www.shegetsitfromhermama.com/

Someday I’ll Learn

Someday I'll Learn logo
Photo: Someday I’ll Learn

About: Chelsea & Nate are on a mission to share smart ideas for adventurous families. Their purpose is to make everyday life more efficient and inspire people to seize fun opportunities. Nate offers hands-on fatherhood and a forthright approach to life’s challenges. Chelsea adds color with creative how-tos and commentary about rugged living in a modern era. The blog culminates in a he-said-she-said humorous journal that documents their daily exploits.  

Website: https://somedayilllearn.com/

Ginger Casa

Ginger Casa logo
Photo: Ginger Casa

About: Gena is wife to Ben (DFW Dad,) the mom of three high energy boys, and the owner of GingerCasa.com. She writes about anything and everything “home.”  Recipes, crafts, DIY, parenting, gardening, home improvement, technology, travel, and much more. Gena is also a Tyler lifestyle blogger and attends and promotes local events, as well. 

Website: http://www.gingercasa.com/

All Done Monkey

All Done Monkey logo
Photo: All Done Monkey

About: Leanna is a homeschooler with three sweet, funny, rambunctious children.  She draws inspiration from the Writings of the Bahá’í Faith and tries to raise her Monkeys in a fun, spiritual, loving environment.  She and her husband, who is from Costa Rica, are raising their children to be bilingual and bicultural but more importantly to be “world citizens.”  All Done Monkey is dedicated to sharing this journey with you!

Website: https://alldonemonkey.com/

The Sunny-Side Up

The Sunny-Side Up  logo
Photo: The Sunny-Side Up

About: Erin started blogging 9 years ago as a way to stay connected and share pictures of what she was up to with family and friends.  As an avid writer and photographer blogging felt like breathing to her! What started as a family journal, soon turned into a lifestyle blog about all of her passions – Family, Organization, Home Design/Decor, and Fashion.  

Website: https://www.thesunnysideupblog.com/

Happy Stylish Fit

Happy Stylish Fit logo
Photo: Happy Stylish Fit

About: Janine is the creator of Happy Stylish Fit. This blog is here to help mamas create a happy, stylish, and fit life for themselves and their families. Here you’ll find motherhood experiences and tips, healthy recipes, and not so healthy recipes, lifestyle tips, home decor, beauty tricks and more!

Website: http://www.happystylishfit.com/

Making Time For Mommy

Making Time For Mommy logo
Photo: Making Time For Mommy

About: Making Time For Mommy is a place for moms to be inspired to make time for themselves and find fun things to do with their kids.


Teacups & Fairytales

Teacups & Fairytales
Photo: Teacups & Fairytales

About: Rebecca is the writer and founder of Teacups and Fairy Tales. Since being diagnosed in ‘95 with MS, she has made it her mission to help women who struggle with mobility to live full lives. Through sharing her story, tips, and resources Rebecca helps encourage women to be strong, capable women. 

Website: https://teacupsandfairytales.com/2011/08/little-vacation/

Ripped Jeans & Bifocals

Ripped Jeans & Bifocals
Photo: Ripped Jeans & Bifocals

About: Jill started her blog in 2014 to share stories of adoption and the general state of chaos called parenting. Her blog first served as a place to communicate and connect with other adoptive parents, especially those who struggled but as her after-adoption life evolved, Jill’s blog did as well. Although she still shares stories about adoption, you’re more likely to find her writing about travel, family activities and mom hacks.


Website: https://rippedjeansandbifocals.com/

Mrs. Hines Class

Mrs. Hines Class logo
Photo: Mrs. Hines Class

About: Mrs. Hines combines her life experiences with her skills as a professional organizer and her background as an early childhood specialist to create tools to help you declutter your home, heart, and mind so you can make room for what matters most. 

Website: https://www.mrshinesclass.com/blog/

Pragmatic Mom

Pragmatic Mom
Photo: Pragmatic Mom

About: Mia Wenjen is the founder of Pragmatic Mom. She blogs extensively about diverse children’s books (picture books through middle grade). Mia is also the co-founder of Multicultural Children’s Book Day


Website: https://www.pragmaticmom.com/

Brought To You By Mom

Brought to You by Mom
Photo: Brought to You by Mom

About: Brought to You by Mom are a family entertainment and travel blog. Krystal started this blog as a way to help families get back to making memories that will be talked about forever. As someone who worked in corporate America and is a long-time entrepreneur,  she knows work and life can often leave less time for things that bring families back together. She likes to give ideas that will make this simple, easy, and fun!

Website: https://www.broughttoyoubymom.com/

The Positive Mom

The Positive Mom
Photo: The Positive Mom

About: Elayna loves to mentor moms and guide them in creating the life they’ve always dreamed of. She enjoys sharing resources, tools, stories, and positive quotes, to help moms develop a positive mindset and to walk them through creating positive breakthroughs, positive paradigm shifts, positive growth, and positive transformation. 

Website: https://www.thepositivemom.com/

Bloggin’ Mamas

Bloggin’ Mamas
Photo: Bloggin’ Mamas

About: Founded in 2010, Bloggin’ Mamas was one of the first mom blogger networks. And the first to create several local chapters of mom bloggers, with their own managers throughout the US. They were one of the first to recognize that blogging would be a new industry and that so-called “mommy bloggers,” would someday be seen alongside well-respected journalists and celebrities.



Engineer Mommy

Engineer Mommy
Photo: Engineer Mommy

About: Engineer Mommy is a journey of Jennifer’s life, recipes, crafts, family and more. Instead of designing chemical plants, Jennifer now designs & runs an efficient, functional household! She is an avid DIYer with a passion for transforming something basic & boring into something fabulous & chic, such as this side table made from copper pipes and wood. 

Website: http://engineermommy.com/about/

Bless This Mess

Bless This Mess
Photo: Bless This Mess

About: Melissa has a lot going on, as a mama to five kids, a flock of roving chickens, a garden that’s way too big and building a farmhouse, she has her hands full! Over the past few years, she has nailed down a few strategies that helped her keep her kitchen running like a well-oiled machine, so Melissa started Bless This Mess to help other mess-loving parents solve the nightly dinner dilemma—no stress, no drama, just really great food the whole family will love.


Walking On Travels

Walking On Travels
Photo: Walking On Travels

About: Walking On Travels started in 2011 after Keryn brought her eldest son to China on a business trip. Since then it has grown to include multiple contributors and partnerships. Walking On Travels is the place for all things travel, food, culture, adventure, and family. 

Website: https://walkingontravels.com/

Mommy’s Memorandum

Mommy's Memorandum
Photo: Mommy’s Memorandum

About: Julee has been blogging since May of 2008. It started when her then teenagers were talking widgets and one afternoon she set out to know more. By evening, Julee had discovered blogging was an outlet for her passion–writing and the rest are recorded through the posts of Mommy’s Memorandum.

Website: https://mommysmemorandum.com/

She Scribes

She Scribes
Photo: She Scribes

About: Kimberly is the founder and creator of She Scribes and is a 40 something-year-old mother, wife, freelance writer, photographer, blogger (of course!) and a mini-zoo keeper. She also works part-time in childcare. Her blog means the world to her and she works on it each and every day. Kimberly has been blogging since April 2008 and has no plans of stopping. Her readers are VERY important to her and she continually strives to attract new site visitors and hopefully turns them into loyal readers.

Website: https://www.shescribes.com/

Dukes & Duchesses

Dukes & Duchesses
Photo: Dukes & Duchesses

About: Randi Dukes {the Dukes behind Dukes and Duchesses}, founder and creator of Dukes and Duchesses, a lifestyle website that’s all about adding a creative element to everyday life.  Whether that creativity is crafting, cooking, building, upcycling, or decorating, she believes the everyday moments are made better with a bit of glitter or vinyl added. Her mission is to inspire, teach, and encourage you to live colorfully and creatively!

Website: https://dukesandduchesses.com/

My Silly Little Gang

My Silly Little Gang
Photo: My Silly Little Gang

About: My Silly Little Gang was created by Silvie a wife and mother to 3 wonderful boys. Together they are My Silly Little Gang! They love sharing their day to day life with and make you a part of their adventures. They are far from being perfect but, they invite you to be a part of their silliness and daily experiences. Her life is always full of adventures and lots of fun.

Website: https://mysillylittlegang.com/

Modern Day Moms

Modern Day Moms
Photo: Modern Day Moms

About: Modern Day Moms is the end-all-be-all of parenting communities. This publication features articles on parenting tips, meal recommendations, craft projects, and fun tales of adventures in child-rearing, created by mom extraordinaire for fellow parents.

Website: https://moderndaymoms.com/

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